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Will extra Portraits be Available?

Yes, each family that we photograph will have a variety of Portrait Packages available to choose from and take home approximately 2 weeks after your Photography Fundraising date.  All of our Family Portraits are printed on Kodak’s finest paper.





Can a single person purchase a coupon?

Yes, If the single person is self-supporting and age 18 or older, he or she may be photographed alone as a family (group home residents are not qualified for this offer).
What is the
definition of a family?
We define a family as (1) Mom, Dad & Children, (2) married couple, (3) engaged couple,
(4) a single parent & children,
(5) single person 18 or older and self-supporting, (6) a generation.  For this special, we DO NOT define a family as (1) children alone (2) boyfriend & girlfriend. 
Can someone purchase more then one coupon?
No, we can only photograph each family once for the Coupon Special.
What about generations?
Can Children be photographed alone on the Family Coupon Special?
No, children must be photographed with a parent or legal guardian.  Extra shots of children will be taken as part of a Portrait Package!
Generation Shots as a 10x13 coupon sitting still fall under the “one coupon per family” policy.  If a generation shot is used as a coupon sitting, “Grandma and Grandpa” MAY NOT qualify for another coupon.  However, any of the other family members may purchase a coupon for their individual families.  Additional poses will be taken and available on the return viewing date.


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