PPS - Professional Portrait Studios - Family Portrait Fundraising!
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The Coordinator and Pastor/President of your organization receive our beautiful Heirloom Portrait Package (a $199.99 value) FREE!!

A Special Bonus for YOU!!

Family Portrait Fund raising Coordinator Bonus

Church Family Portrait Fundraiser 199.99 Free Package


Family Portrait Fundraising Photo CD
We will throw in a Photo CD with all the Digital Photo's in your Portrait Package FREE!!


One of the challenges you may face in your quest to raise funds is getting support from your fellow members. Pat them on the back for all their hard work! Tell them..... Family Portrait Fund-Raiser Free Photo Package
They Have the Opportunity to earn FREE Family Portrait Packages if they sell the required number of coupons. Free Photo Packages do not apply to the bonus levels. There are incentives for selling in the initial Kick-Off Week!
Sell 10 Coupons receive:
Sell 20 Coupons receive:
Memories Photo Package for Fundraiser
Treasures Photo Package for Fundraiser

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